Muffuletta Sandwich: The Original Manwich

by Dan K

This is going to taste great this weekend.

Cooking in Sens

I baked.  What was I thinking of?  One minute I’m chatting with fellow blogger, Kay about the olive salad for muffuletta sandwiches and the next, I’m on my way to buy bread flour.  Mind snatched again!  This has got to be an age thing.  Back in the day, I would have just used baguettes and been glad!

I almost put paid to the Kitchenaid!  That’s why I don’t bake.  It makes me tense and this tension and anxiety caused me to plug the 110V machine into the 220V socket on my island.  I know so much better than this!  I’ve spent most of my life in 220V countries with 110V machines.  That’s why I had the kitchen people include 2 pop up electric sockets in my island; one for 110 and one for 220.  A spark and an ugly sound flew out of the socket when I plugged it…

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