by Dan K

From Belly to Bacon

Like music, art, and movies, there are key words in food, and charcuterie in particular, when you hear them, you know that you are talking to someone who knows. To me, when I heard someone talking about nduja, regardless of how they pronounce it, I knew that I was talking to someone when knew. The thing is, even those who know do not have access to enough examples to really assess what is good, bad or other – myself included. Lately however, it has popped up in more spots to results that have not met my limited expectations of what nduja should be – a spreadable Calabrian pork product made with a heavy dose characteristically red Calabrian chilis that bring serious red color and major heat.

Of the 7 or 8 versions that I have tried over the past few years, I have thought most were decent, but…

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