rib-eye roast & yorkshire puddings

by Dan K

table twenty eight

rib-eye roast & yorkshire puddings | table twenty eight

::  We celebrated Mother’s Day a bit early this year with a Sunday Saturday roast, complete with all the trimmings.

Mum loves Yorkshire puds so I made a batch of these, along with steamed broccolini, heirloom carrots with honey and mint, and even a very first attempt at duck fat potatoes (the loud crunching of potatoes and contented exclamations seemed to indicate success).

It was a happy, low-key evening spent with our angel of a mother, who has blessed my brother and I with her unconditional love, support, laughter and wonderful cooking.

Thanks Mama x

bailey | table twenty eight

bailey | table twenty eight

As for me – I’m lucky to have my own darling fur child.

Bailey’s very much the defiant teenage boy, galloping round the house and skidding across the floorboards, playing wildly with massacred parts of my houseplants and ambushing unwitting toes poking out from in between bed covers.

But he’s also incredibly sweet-natured and…

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