Poutine with Venison Bolognese

by Dan K

Beer and poutine. Nothing better on a football weekend.

Harvesting Nature

Poutine with Venison Bolognese

Article Contributed by Field Staff Writer S. West.

The heat, mosquitoes, and stifling humidity of a southern Ontario summer are well and truly upon us, which is difficult for me since I’m not a ‘summer guy’.  The summer months may be all well and good for those that are into that sort of thing, but for me this time of the year only makes me pine for the chill mornings and crisp breezes of my autumn hunting seasons.  By mid-summer I’ve also managed to work my way through all but the most vestigial remnants of my fall venison.  Often I’m down to a few sausages and the ground venison that has not yet found its way onto my grill in burger patty form.  That’s where this Venison Bolognese Poutine comes in. 

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