Why You Should Go DIY for Worcestershire Sauce

by Dan K

I’m definitely making this.

You've Got To Taste This

The Classic Burger

Worcestershire just may be the most mispronounced, misspelled food word in the dictionary.


Got it? Good. No? This might help.

Though it’s a struggle to pronounce, this flavor-bomb condiment adds savory depth when used to season burgers, stir-fry’s, fish, and more–and if you’d rather enjoy it the traditional British way, you can drizzle it over cheese toast (sound appealing to anyone?).

We’re convinced Worcestershire is the must-have summer condiment, and the best part is–it’s beyond easy to make a DIY version at home. And we’d highly recommend you do.

Why are we so passionate about nixing the bottle and making our own Worcestershire sauce? From-scratch Worcestershire sauce is truly: 1. So simple to throw together and much tastier than the bottled stuff and 2. The only thing (besides salt and pepper) you need to flavor the best burgers of your ever-loving life (see below for our best tips for making the perfect patty).

Last week our…

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