Chicken & Sausage Cassoulet

by Dan K

This looks like a great weekend dinner.

Dennis The Prescott


Pulses are awesome y’all.

The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. How cool is that?! But, what are Pulses exactly? Glad you asked…

I’m so existed to have partnered with the fantastic Pulse Pledge program this year. Pulses are dry beans, dry chickpeas, lentils, and dry peas. Total superhero ingredient! They’re incredibly delicious, sustainable, healthy, and budget-friendly. So much win! From chili to curry, and here in a cassoulet, pulses have an extra-special ability to elevate simple, home-style recipes to wholesome rock star dishes.

Make your 2016 The Year of Pulses, take the #pulsepledge, and start to incorporate this deliciousness into your weekly meal plan. You’ll feel better, eat better, and hep folks all over the world eat/live/thrive. For more information on the Pulse Pledge, and a treasure trove of recipes to help start you on your pulse journey, head to

This Chicken & Sausage…

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